David’s UK magazine has sent him south to write about his new home.
Riding around on my e-bike has been a revelation. There’s no better way of taking in the sounds, smells and buzz of a place.

I find inspiration riding through the city on my Shimano Steps e-bike.

In my line of work, you’re always on the lookout for new ideas. Riding the e-bike takes me to corners of the city I’d otherwise never see. The other day I went for a ride at daybreak and stopped at a café I had heard of. It was closed, but the owner was sweeping the terrace and invited me in anyway. He gave me a coffee and a pastry and refused to let me pay for it. It’s these kinds of moments that inspire me.

My Shimano Steps e-bike is the smart way to commute. It makes no sense not to use my e-bike to get to work. The traffic here is crazy during rush hour, congestion everywhere. But it’s a piece of cake on the e-bike. It’s quick and it’s healthy on top of it. And if you think how much it costs to have a car, you’re probably saving a small fortune using an e-bike. It really is a no-brainer in my opinion.

I think of my e-bike as a kind of companion. It basically goes wherever I go. Or vice versa. I use it in the morning to get to work. It takes me to people I have to interview and to the restaurant for lunch. If I’m pressed for time it’s perfect for doing some quick errands during my break. Try that with a car. You’ll need a ten-hour lunch break.